Workshop on Neurotoxins Advanced Indications - 21st April'18


Venue: Hall 9, Hotel Pullman

Botulinum toxin: Applications and how to achieve a natural result - Dr Jamuna Pai 20 mins.
Male V/S female face: injection techniques - Dr. Rungsima 20 mins.
Complications and management - Dr. Reema 20 mins.
Alternate indications - Dr. Chytra Anand 20 mins.
Live Demo: Upper face, Platysma - Dr. Chytra Anand 30 mins.
Live Demo: Lower face and advanced indications - Dr. Jamuna Pai 30 mins.
Hyperdilute - Dr. Rungsima 20 mins.
Session Closing: Remarks panel discussion - Dr. Jamuna Pai 20 mins.

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